GEYA Automatic Transfer Switch 2P 100A 110V Grid to AC Generator Dual Power RAIL


GEYA Automatic Transfer Switch 2P 100A 110V Grid to AC Generator Dual Power RAIL. GEYA Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch(Grid – AC Generator). We have more than ten years of production experience and have CE, CB and other international certifications. Customization service is also provide. Store Categories Store Categories Time Relay On/Off Delay Time Relay Multi Function Time Relay On/Off Asymmetric Cycler Delay On Star/Delta Delay Off Without Supply Vol Double Delay Time Relay Staircase Switch On&Off Delay Time Relay Right-Left Inverser time relay Pulse output Time Relay Monitoring Relay Single Phase Voltage Relay 3 Phase Voltage Relay Current Monitoring Relay Level Control Relay Temperature Control Relay Light Control Relay Memory&Latching Relay Intermediate&Auxiliary Relay Solid Relay Electromagnetic relay Voltage protector Automatic Transfer Switch PV Soler City Power Grid Power AC Generator Circuit Breaker AC MCB DC MCB AC type ELCB/RCD AC-S type ELCB/RCD A type ELCB/RCD B type ELCB/RCD ELCB recloser RCBO Isolator-Main Switch DPN MCB Surge Protection Device AC SPD DC SPD AC Contactor Automatic Household Contactor Manual Household Contactor Industrial Contactor Relay Module PLC Interface Relay Module (T73) 1NO1NC plug-in relay module OMRON 1NO1NC Plug-in Type OMRON 1NO1NC with Fuse OMRON 2NO2NC Plug-in Type Slim Relay Module PLC 6.2mm Current Transformer Switch/Sensor Photocell Switch Proximity Switch Digtal Timer Switch Mechanical Timer Switch Solar Storage system Distribution Box Junction Box Plastic Distribution Box Electrical accessories Cable Glands PG type nylon cable glands Other GEYA Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch(Grid – AC Generator) Product Description This item is for voltage system is 110/220V ,If your voltage system is 220/400V. Please click here . This link is for US & PR,If you from other country,Please click here. General Series dual power automatic transfer switches are newly developed muniature househould power transfer switches.This switch is mainly used to test whether the normal or standby power supply is normal.When the narmal power supply is abnormal,the backup power supply will work immediately to ensure the continuity,reliability and safety of the power supply.This product is specially designed for home track TV installation and is specially used for Pz 30 distribution box. Application Residence,and in various occasions where continuous power failure is not allowed. Function Auto mode : Common power supply must be City Grid Power. Backup power must be AC genarator. When there is only one power supply is working, the product will automatically switch to that power supply. When the common power supply and the backup power supply are supplied at the same time, the common power supply is used Preferentially. (Attention: in automatic mode, forcibly rotating the power switch handle will cause damage to the transfer switch) Manual mode : Power supply should be transfered manually by rotating the handle. How to choose item One Live line Voltage Suitable for US voltage system Must connect with Neural line Product you should choose 110V 110/220V 1 Live line + 1 Neutral live 2P-63A-110V CLICK HERE It marked as 63A but actually it can handle 100A 2 Live line + 1 Neutral live 3P-63A-110V CLICK HERE 3 Live line + 1 Neutral live 4P-63A-110V CLICK HERE 220V 220V/400V 1 Live line + 1 Neutral live 2P-63A-220V CLICK HERE 1 Live line + 1 Neutral live 2P-100A-220V CLICK HERE 2 Live line + 1 Neutral live 3P-100A-220V CLICK HERE 3 Live line + 1 Neutral live 4P-100A-220V CLICK HERE NOTE:85% Us~110% Us T echnical Parameters Item No. W2R Rated current 63A, 100A Rated insulation voltage AC690V Rated cont ro l vo lta g e AC110V ( -15% ~+10% ); 50 ~ 60Hz Signal terminal rate d voltage AC110V Grade PC Level : able to male and withstand, not to break short-circuit current Use category AC-33iB Rated impulse withstand voltage 8KV L ife Electrical:2000times; Mechanical: 5000times Rated limited short-circuit current Iq 50KA SCPD (FUSES ) RT16-00-63A Contact transfer tim e

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