Carlin 81570S Ez-1 Head Positioning Bar Kit


CARLIN 81570S EZ-1 HEAD POSITIONING BAR KIT. CARLIN 81570S. Head Bar Kit—7 pieces. How it works. CARLIN 81570S EZ-1 (S) Head Bar Kit—7 pieces 0.50-1.65 GPH These plates are necessary when installing a Carlin EZ-1 oil burner for the first time. Depending on what size nozzle you will be using—this plate will adjust the ‘set-back’ of your nozzle assembly (J-tube) to the exact factory recommendation. OEM burners MAY already have this plate pre-installed for your application where-as if you are using a Carlin EZ-1 for your own application you will definitely require this assortment of 7 plates. How it works: The hole spacing is different on each one of these plates so that the nozzle assembly (J-tube) is moved a different distance from the nose-cone as the nozzle size changes. This item ships out of our LINDENHURST, NY 11757 shipping facility. We are no longer permitted to display our telephone number as per eBay policy. You may contact us by looking up our telephone number yourself on the web (Google) . Sorry for the inconvenience. ‘BOILERS R USâ€?will ship this item to you directly.

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